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Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday March 30, 2009

Brno is doing good here and it sounds like everybody is doing well at home. So the weather this week was pretty crazy it would snow for like 10 minutes and than be sunny and warm for 10 minutes and then snow some more which got kind of annoying after a while but other than that things are great.

We had a zone flood in Trebic which is this little town up in the mountains in our zone that only has 2 missionaries in it which was fun, it is nice to go out and see different cities in the czech republic they are all unique and have their own little feel to them.

So i was talking to Adam and he was telling me how he wouldnt be able to come to church on sunday and i was like why? And he was like there is this gathering of young christians from around the czech republic this weekend and i am doing a presentation there, i asked him what his presentation was about and he said the Book of Mormon so that is pretty sweet i got pretty excited about that so i am looking forward to hearing about how that went.

We went to visit our family in the mountains, i had given them president monson's talk finding joy in the journey from conference and they liked it and she went on to read the rest of the conference and loved the talk about celestial marriage and got really excited talking to her husband about how they can be married even after death, then she was like say i wanted to get baptized what would i need to do? So we explained it out to them and they are looking pretty good. She is a choir director and had a concert over the weekend and gave us tickets so we went and supported her, it was in the philharmonie concert hall in brno which is this sweet old building and it was a good time they were very happy that we came, they were like we love how you take us for who we are and dont judge us like other people.

We were contacting on the namesti the other night and i heard this southern accent, there were only drunks out so we were like lets go talk to the americans. They turn out to be from alabama and were here on vacation and were really interested about who we are and what we are doing here. They were like we are baptists whats the differnce between us and mormons so we explained our beliefs and they were like that sounds pretty good to us, then they went off about how great it is that we are bringing these heathen czechs God and at the end they were like we will be praying for you boys good luck with everything, so that was a great little experience.

Sports day was good this week we were able to get a bunch of our investigators and less actives there and play volleyball and soccer and right before that we had a great meeting with Andrej who brought his mom with us and he shared about how he used to study really hard for all of us his tests but after he started meeting with us he started praying before his tests for help and he has started doing a lot better, his mom called it a miracle.

So next monday i will be writing you about where i am going for next transfer which is always interesting to see how transfers work out they are always what is unexpected so who knows what will happen.

It sounds like mexico and whale watching and the billy joel concert was fun for you guys im glad everything went well with the flying all over the place. I love all of you guys and have a great week.

Elder Hatch

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