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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 25, 2009

Hey everybody

Brno is doing good here it has been another busy week here. Here is a funny story for you, so last monday after emailing i needed a haircut so i went to a place to go get it cut. I hadnt been to a haircutting place since my greeny transfer since elder nowland cut my hair and then elder williams, so my haircutting vocabulary isnt too up to date, and to help matters the girl cutting my hair is from russia and spoke half czech half russian so i could only understand half of what she was saying, basically i just told her i wanted it trimmed up all around and somehow that got lost in translation and she understood it as i wanted a fauxhawk. So she cuts my hair into this emo fauxhawk thing and then throws a bunch of jell in it and styles it up, and i was like shoot what am i going to do. So i paid her and walked out and then hurried and tried to get rid of my fauxhawk i was able to brush it to the side so it looked normal and then with a few modifications at home i was able to make it into a normal haircut but it made for some good laughs, i wish i would of gotten a picture before i had fixed it though.

We had zone conference on friday which was great, always a good experience to see other missionaries and hear from president and his wife. Later that night there were two baptisms at the building that was a good experience we were able to get one of our investigators too, he had previously been anti church (a lot of people here are) they say that we can just have our own individual relationship with God and that churches just do bad stuff. But he changed his mind at the baptism and was like you guys do stuff right here this feels good this is how churches should be so we will see what happens with him.

The senior couples here do apartment checks once a transfer and we had ours last tuesday so i cleaned up our apartment nice and good and it passed with flying colours so don't worry mom i'm staying clean.

We were at the building a couple days of go and there were about 6 young guys out back on our basketball court behind the church so we went and played with them for a few minutes in our dress clothes and then got their phone numbers and we set up a sports day on saturday where we had them and some of our investigators come and we played basketball and then soccer, it was a good time to get to know our investigators better outside of a teaching environment.

We had a great meeting on saturday one of the best of my mission with Andrej he is from russia, we watched half of the movie Special Witnesses of Christ and then bore testimony and the spirit was super strong. He had been at church a couple of times before but had been late after sacrament meeting, our member was like where do you live? and Andrej was like its 25 kilometers outside of Brno and our member who is so great was like well i will come drive out there and pick you up and Andrej was like that wont be neccessary i will wake up early and catch the train two hours before that. So he was at church bright and early and i was talking with him and he said he was running late getting to the train station and the train was already there so he started running and for some reason the train stayed a couple of minutes longer than it usually does so he could catch it and he was like I had help from above with that because i would usually never make it.

And then we have a russian family here whoes father is in the branch presidency and their oldest son who is 18 became like best friends with him and helped take him around and sat with him for everything. So I recommend the special witnesses of christ movie to everybody it is my favorite movie i could watch it over and over again. Things are looking good for this next week I hope everybody has a great week and i love you all.

Elder Hatch

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Susan Nowland - Mom of Missionary said...

bI just wanted you to know that I keep track of Elder Hatch and I love reading his letters. He is one of those great missionaries and I am grateful that my son got to serve with him. I loved the faux hawk haircut story. Elder Nowland used to have one when he was in high school and it is on his license and I used to hate that haircut. Then he wrote to me when he got to the mission and said it is a popular haircut over there and the missionaries who look at his drivers license tell him he looks like a Czech. lol
Keep up the great work Elder Hatch.
Love, Susan Nowland(Elder Nowland's mom)