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Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday March 9th, 2009

Hey guys

Another great week has come and gone, it seems like every week just keeps on getting better and better. We will start off with the bad news, I know you guys are getting very fond of "commando girl" and her stories but unfortuanetly there will be a two week break. She left this last week for a 2 week "protection job" in Germany working as a bodyguard for somebody but dont worry she will be back.

Adam is doing awesome we had two meetings with him this last week and he was at church yesterday, he is still looking good for his baptism on saturday. He was telling me at Church yesterday about some bike trail he has done with his friends that goes from Krakow Poland, all through eastern czech republic and ends in Vienna which got me pretty excited to ride a bike in the Czech Republic.

Church was awesome yesterday but very crazy and hectic, we had six investigators at church and there are only 2 of us but fortunatley a couple already had good member friends they could sit with, without us. So we were doin a lot of going back and forth making sure everything was going good but it was more than worth it. Elder Perry made a prophecy a few years ago when he was over europe that the future here is young single adults and that is coming true here. Every one of our investigators at church was a young single adult.

Today we decided to go on a little trip and saw some castles and chatuex's in southern czech republic which was pretty cool. We got some good pictures and it was a good way to relax a little and prepare for this next week. The senior sisters did a presentation sunday after church of the history of the church here in the czech republic which was cool. So do you remember the story you found dad about the son of the district president who got baptized in the middle of the forest at midnight during communism? Well I was able to teach with him this last week, he was district president after his dad and his family basically kept the church together and did all of the missionary work in moravia during communism. He brought a bunch of pictures after church and let us look at them which was cool, there is a lot of good history here. One of our investigators works at a cake store and she hooks us up with all of these good desserts, it was the woman referred to us by Lenka.

So i am pretty sure that missionary work is the most tiring work in the world, every morning when i wake up i swear its the most tired i have ever been in my life, until the next morning. But it is more than worth it to see the progress that is made by these people who you grow to love, I definitely love being a missionary and I highly recommend it to all.

That is about all from me this week we got a meeting in 10 minutes so ill have to cut this a little short. I hope everybody has a good week and make sure to choose the right.

Elder Hatch

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