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Mark your calendars so you can be at Sky Harbor Airport to welcome Jordan home. He will arrive:

Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
at 5:30 pm

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Everyone is invited to welcome him off the plane!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday March 2nd, 2009

Hey everybody

Another great week here in Brno has come and gone, yesterday was a really cool day. Kristina (commando girl) was there and I was sitting with her during fast and testimony meeting. As we were sitting there listenting to the testimonys she was really getting into it, during one of the testimonies she turned to me and was like are you understanding all of this? I was like umm not all of it since the guy was speaking fast and i was just trying to piece it together she was like its really important ill translate for you and commenced to tell me the story in english about how the man had a loved one who had died and that it brings peace and joy into his life to know that he will see them again but his sister who is an atheist was really struggling. Kristina was like that is so amazing and then she asked me if she could go up there and say something to everybody, i was a little taken a back and was like sure anybody can go up there and bare their testimony about the gospel. Haha she thought there was a signup list to go up there but i told her she could go up as soon as the person finished. She hopped on up their and talked about in her field of work she often has to deal with unpleasent experiences and she is very grateful for having found the gospel and being able to come to church and fill the peace there. She went on to talk about the commandments and how she knows they arent to keep us from having fun but to make us happier and then went on to say how grateful she is for the missionaries finding her. It was quite a pleasent surprise to hear all of that exspecially since we had a big concern about teaching her some of the commandments. Afterwards she told me that at one of the disco places where she works as a bouncer, the bouncer the night before had gotten stabbed and had to go to the hospital so she had to go in and take his place and then she had a knife pulled on her but she "took care of it" and had worked from midnight till 8 in the morning then had a friend take her and drop her off at church, thats what i call dedication.

We went out yesterday to our family the ptakovi and this time instead of a tromp through the snow it was a tromp through the mud but was well worth it. We had an awesome lesson with them, its only the 3rd family i have had the opportunity of teaching and its amazing how much stronger the spirit is present when teaching families, they definetly have all of their priorities in order and are searching for their answer right now. Adam is doing great and is gonna be baptized march 14th.

Another cool story, so one of our investigators that elder gagon and I found last transfer just got back in town after being gone for 3 weeks and was only in town for a few minutes before heading onto his grandparents called me up all excited and wanted to meet on the town square for a few minutes to tell me something. He told me he had been doing what we told him and that one night he was praying and then sat and thought about it alot afterwards and then it just hit him that God exists and loves him, its experiences like that, that makes it amazing to be a missionary, I love this work and I love all of you guys thanks for all of the support you give me.

I got a little homework assignment for you this week, I have been reading through the talks from last conference and one of them stuck out to me and I recommend it to every one "finding joy in the journey" by President Monson. I hope everybody has a good week and that Jenni has a great birthday.

Elder Hatch

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