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Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday April 6th, 2009

Hey everybody

So we got transfer information this morning and it looks like i will be heading to Trebic, i went there a couple of weeks ago on a zone finding activity. It is this little town that is very pretty and i think it is the smallest city in the czech republic that has missionaries, there are only two of us there. My companion is Elder Chambers who is a stud I have interacted with him a lot before and I am excited to work with him I am ready for some great things to happen in Trebic.

So we had some amazing things happen this week in the work, thursday night we started the stop smoking program with this young woman named Katka and Maminka is her supporter during it. So i was talking to her friday and she said she was doing great not smoking and than the afternoon came and she got this big temptation so she went and bought a single cigarette ( you can do that here) and sat down on a bench on the town square and started to light it up when this woman out of nowhere came up and didnt even introduce her self but was like what are you doing? dont light that cigarette you know its bad for you, you are a beautiful young woman dont destroy yourself by smoking and than just left, so katka threw the cigarette away and still hasnt smoked. When she was telling me that story i said well it looks like God sent somebody to help you and she completely agreed.

Last night we went out and taught the Ptakovi, she told us that she was on the tram leaving the church building after the concert and there was this loud drunk person bothering her so she prayed and than this guy helped her out and got the drunk person to stop bothering her, so her prayer was answered. So I taught them about prayer and read with them in 3rd Nephi about how Christ commanded them to pray as a family, and bore testimony about how family prayer helped our family so much and committed them to pray together as a family every night this next week which they are very excited to do.

The weather got very warm this week which is very nice because people are just sitting on benches all over the place and you can sit down and teach them. So we sat down with this one guy from Ukraine and taught him on a bench and than invited him to church and he was there at church yesterday which was sweet.

I got a call from Brother Lambson and he is taking me and my companion out to dinner tonight which is very nice of him.

So friday night we had a spring concert that the branch and missionaries have been working on for the last month or so, the Senior Sisters were in charge of it and organized a very good program, they had spiritual numbers and than some fun ones. There is this member from England who married a czech woman and they have a family here, and he has an amazing voice and sang the song "If i was a rich man" from fiddler on the roof, you would of loved it mom he was amazing and sang just as good as the guy in the movie, he dressed up like him and even grew a beard out for it. It was a great experience we had like 6 of our investigators there and they all loved it.

Adam and Lenka are doing great with the church, it will be sad to leave all of my investigators and new members and all of my member friends but I am excited to go to a new area and do it all again, we werent able to catch conference I think they are going to show it either next week or maybe the week after that since next week is easter, it is interesting they celebrate easter on monday instead of sunday in the czech republic, and all of the men go around with whips and whip the girls in the butt singing some song so it should be an interesting experience. So i cant think of much else to say, ill send my address to you guys when i get it so you can send stuff to trebic i hope you all have a great week and that Charlie has a great 60th birthday.

Elder Hatch

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