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Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
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Monday, February 23, 2009

February 23rd, 2009

Good Morning America

Things are going very nicely here in the Czech Republic this last week was a good with plenty of stuff happening. So I will start off with a sweet story, so last week Elder Strupp and I were contacting along and there was this woman whose car broke down in the road and nobody was helping her so we went over and pushed her car to the side and let her use our cell phone to a friend and continued on our way, about 2 minutes after that we contacted this 30 year old woman had a nice little chat with her nothing special and she ended up giving us her cell phone number which we couldnt tell if it was a real number or not, and we continued on our way. Later that night we sent a text out to the people who we had met that day saying it was nice to meet them and we look forward to meeting up with them in the next couple of days. Usually people dont respond back to it, but we got back a text from her saying how grateful she was for meeting us, that everything after she talked with us went perfect and that the children in her class were little angels today and she said it was because of us. We set up a meeting with her which I wasnt able to attend because of exchanges but Elder Whiting and Elder Strupp taught her and it went really well.

Then last friday we got a text asking us to come out to their house on saturday and teach her and her husband. So their house is out of the city and we had to hop on a train which was about a 15 minute ride out into this little canyon just covered with snow, her husband is there waiting for us and we take off on a 20 minute walk up into the mountains over these snow covered paths to their little cottage which was way sweet. Iveta the woman had already taught her husband everything we taught her and we were able to explain more they just loved every moment and afterwards sent us a text telling us they love our presence and we are going back this week. They couldnt come to church yesterday because their 4 year old daughter was sick but i am definetly excited about them, they are the most prepared people i have met here.

Yesterday we were finally able to get this young man we have been working with named adam to church he is 22 and is a computer something student here in brno. I set a baptismal date with him for the 14th of March which he is pretty excited about. When he was home for christmas time he read with his mom in the Book of Mormon and she really liked it so he left a copy for her there and then yesterday he asked for another copy to give to his dad because he said his dad is having a rough time with work and he knows that the book of mormon can help him.

Friday we had zone conference here with Elder Neuewensiender which was awesome he taught some really good stuff and got everybody pumped up and even more excited to work. So I cant remember if i said this in my last letter or not but my last companion Elder Gagon has a hernia which he found out about a week and a half ago, and he isnt allowed to leave his apartment until surgery. So I was there with him for a day this last week while his companion was with mine so we could help them teach some lessons they had. He is leaving on thursday to Germany and will be there for 4 days for the surgery and then his is gonna be back here.

Funny story so Maminka is the relief society president here and she took Lenka and another recent convert a quiet girl of about 22 disco dancing with some of her friends to help get better relationships with them, it was this clean disco place and they loved it. So who knows maybe that is the new thing relief society presidents in American should try to increase unity haha

Everything here is going pretty well for me, we have some great people we are working with. I hope you guys all have a great week and keeping on working hard.

Elder Hatch

ps that is a bummer that quizno's has gone out of business, i could really go for a quizno's sandwhich right now.

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