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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday April 21st, 2009

Hey family

Well I am going to start out this letter with the funniest story of my mission so far so get ready. So we were at this apartment complex calling up a guy that had been found before trying to meet with him and i see these two 10 year old kids ding dong ditch a door and run off right in front of us while we were on the phone. then this 55 year old woman came out and asked if we had buzzed and i told her what happened and than she asked us what we are doing in the czech republic and we told her and she was like come on in boys, come in boys, come on in boys like 15 times and we looked at each other because she seemed a little crazy but we decided hey who are we to judge and went on in with her. We walk into the dirtiest looking apartment i have ever seen and it is full of a haze of smoke. She asked us about 10 times if we smoke or drink coffee but we finally were sitting down and getting started talking about what we are doing and she interrupts and starts asking us if we need to sit on the toilet we were like no we are good but thanks for the offer and she said are you sure? I know how it is when you got to go and we just bought fresh toilet paper so go ahead and use it. We finally convinced her that we didnt need to go to the bathroom. At this time her friend walks in who is this huge 300 pound woman sits down and starts fidgetting and doing all of these little quirks. So we start talking with them about the Book of Mormon and the big woman (Jarka) was like yeah i have heard of that i read about it in the bible they talk about mormons alot in the bible and she went on and on about that and was like Jesus was a mormon too i remember reading that in the bible, Elder Chambers and I look at each other and we were like umm not really... but she continues to insist its true so we just kind of skipped on over and give them the Book of Mormon they seemed pretty excited to read it so we assigned them a chapter and set up to come back in a couple of days to see how it went.

So a few days later we are back and we have a plan to walk with them to the church building which is only 3 or 4 minutes away just for a better atmosphere to teach but Dana (the original woman) said she had already been outside 3 times today to go to the store and it would be asking too much for her to leave again.

So we are like ok well how did the reading go?

Dana- Boys we have just had no time whatsoever to read we have just been so busy. we didnt even sleep last night
Us- Oh really why didnt you go to sleep last night
Dana- I dont know just too much stuff
Us- Ok well how about we read that chapter from the Book of Mormon with you.
Dana-OK and starts gazing around as if looking for the BoM
Us- Do you still have it?

Dana starts thinking and than was like ahah oh yeah i remember, and than she starts undoing her sweat pants and we were like what is she doing? And than boom there came the book of mormon out of her pants and she smiles at us and was like i have had it there since you gave it to me its my good luck charm. (czech book of mormons are bigger than english ones and its a hard cover) She went on and said how it was with her for all 3 of her trips to the store. We are like ok and than she tried handing it to me but i was like oh no thanks thats yours i have my own to read which i pulled out. She commences to put hers back in her pants and my companion was like no we are going to read together and she was like yeah i know and he was like but you cant read it while its in your pants and she was like oh yeah good idea so she brought it on out again we read with her a little bit and than jarka comes walking in doing all of these weird quirks looking like she is throwing invisible things around and shes like "I'm throwing out illigitamet children help me they are everywhere." So my companion and I decide its about time to get out of here so i offered to pray and during the prayer i asked for them to have health and she interuppted and was like we aint got none of that. then when the prayer was over she pulled out her government card and on it it said that she has skitsophrania as we were leaving she was putting the Book of Mormon back in her pants so who knows maybe two years from now a missionary will contact her and she will surprise him and pull the book of mormon out of her pants hopefully you guys got a good laugh out of that.

We had zone conference in Brno yesterday which was cool to be back there, Lenka and Maminka came at the end of it to say hi to me so it was good to talk to them for a little bit, thanks for the easter package and thats a beautiful tie good job on picking it out Alyssa i like it a lot.

The work is going great here we watched General Conference on Saturday and Sunday and we were able to get 6 of our investigators to see at least one session which was awesome. I would say my favorite talks were Bednar's Hollands and Hale's. Trebic is a beautiful town, i would say its the most beautiful city i have served in probably its very quaint with a nice river going through it and beautiful hills, its a big change from Brno, Brno you are walking down a main street and you see a potential 100 people to talk to where as in trebic when you are walking down the street you see 4 or 5 but it is good because it makes you rely on the Lord more and not so much on yourself.

In answer to your question mom yeah it is kind of hard to move everything with all of my stuff but it was nice because i knew i was going to be back in brno soon for zone conference that i left a bunch of books and so i brought a small suitcase with me yesterday and loaded it all up, the hard part is moving in the summer because i cant wear my coat and my coat takes up alot of room in my suit case but hopefully i will be in trebic for 6 months. My companion is a very hard worker and a fun guy so we work well together and have alot of good times, the elders from Jihlava the other city in our district are with us today for p-day and we have had a good time exploring the city. Well thats about all from me this week i hope you guys have a great week and keep up the good work.

Elder Hatch

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Susan Nowland - Mom of Missionary said...

That was the funniest letter from Elder Hatch. I laughed and laughed out loud. I love to keep up with him. My son served with he and Elder Chambers and they are both two of his favorites. Keep up the great work. I will keep reading these posts, but this was one of my favorites. My seminary students will love this one. Susan Nowland (Elder Nowland's mom)