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Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
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Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27th, 2009

Good Morning everybody

It sounds like you had a good week this last week with stake conference and the air plane show. We had a pretty good week here in Trebic. There was a baptism in Brno on friday that we took three 16 year olds too that was a good experience for them to see a baptism they really enjoyed it. It was a pretty big thing for them, going from trebic to brno is like taking some kids from globe to phoenix going from the little town to the big city. I really like trebic just because it hasnt gotten all modernized and commercelised it was a big shock for me to be back in Brno and see advertisments and a different kind of people i would definetly say it is much more worldly in Brno.

When we were walking from the train station to the tram stop to get to the church building I ran into Lenka she was on her way to work and it was completly chance that we bumped into each other but it made her day since she was sad she couldnt go to the baptism because of work. One of the 16 year olds is vietnamese and has an older sister who is 19 and who we gave a baptismal date to this week to be baptized in a month unfortunately she couldnt come with us because of school.

My companion turned 21 on thursday so we had a dinner to celebrate and invited all of the less active priesthood holders in the branch to come, it was a great turn out and pretty much all of them came to church yesterday which was amazing because 2 of them have only came like 2 or 3 times in the last year. I had a talk in church yesterday which went pretty well, i was pretty nervous about it because it was a 15 minute talk but it went well and it sounded like the branch really liked it.

The missionaries have talks once a month and i guess they usually always talk about Jesus Christ, the restoration or the plan of salvation so i decided to mix things up a little bit and talk about knowledge which the branch liked because it was something new and which our investigators liked because they are all going to school right now.

Yesterday we went to visit an investigator we found who lives about a 45 minute train ride away in this little town called moravske budejovice which has about 8,000 people he is probably one of the nicest and most sincere people he showed us around his town and then we taught him the message of the restoration which went really well he took some pictures and sent them to us so i'll forward those on to you guys. People in the czech republic are able to understand the apostasy very well mainly because they are turned off to churches because of all of the bad things that were done in the name of God in the past.

We have to be in our aparment by 9:30 every night and the other night we were in there at 9:30 and the window was open and there were these 2 15 year old guys out there who we have played soccer with before so i started talking to them and they wanted to know more about what we believe so i was able to teach them about God from our 3rd story window which was a first for me.

Life is great being a missionary I highly recommend it to all. I hope you have a good anniversary mom and dad congratulations 26 years later and still going strong. Have a great week everyone.

Elder Hatch

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