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Mark your calendars so you can be at Sky Harbor Airport to welcome Jordan home. He will arrive:

Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
at 5:30 pm

on British Airways to Phoenix.

Everyone is invited to welcome him off the plane!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Hey family

so it was an interesting week this last week, started off with one of the most interesting lessons of my mission. so we had gotten a referral from a less active member of a couple and we had taught them twice and they came to church last week and than we had a meeting set up with them for monday at this members house. So we get to the members house and the wife of the couple was there and the husband was coming in a little bit from work so we were chatting with the wife and with the members and the wife is like can i use your phone to call my husband? he should be here by now, i said sure and handed her the phone and she called him and starts talking with him and all of a sudden starts crying and runs out of the room so i was like wow what happened did he get in a crash or something or beat up? At that moment the husband of the member couple starts having a massive seizure and his wife runs into the other room to find out whats going on over the phone, luckily we had another member with us lada who supported the member during the seizure which lasted for a good two minutes and then he passed out on the couch and was all gray, by this time the two women have come back to the room and we find out that this couple who had be reffered to us had robbed 12 houses in the past and the husband was now wanted and there were police staked out at his work and home but he had been tipped off by a friend so he avoided it and now he was on the run and his wife wanted us to help him but we were like yeah right we are out of here we aren't getting involved with this so we took off. So moral of the story dont give referrals to the missionaries if they are wanted by the police.

Thursday we went to ostrava to do a baptisimal interview there, I did it with the man and it went really well. Interesting story with this guy is that he had almost been baptized a few times but just couldn't make it. The elder who was working with him again towards baptism was like ok Tomas, you have worked towards this a few times before but each time come up short what's the catch? Tomas was like well I have a problem with the word of wisdom, I understand why I shouldn't smoke and drink alcohol or coffee but i just cant get over the french fries part. The missionary was like what? french fries aren't part of the word of wisdom. and tomas was like what? One day I came for a meeting with missionaries in the past and we were chatting and they asked what I ate for lunch and i told them french fries and one of them got all serious and told me that french fries are against the word of wisdom. Haha luckily we got that situation all figured out, he brought it up and told me the same story during the interview when we were talking about the word of wisdom, he was still a little nervous but I reassured him that french fries are not against the word of wisdom and he can continue eating them.

We have some new people we are working with, unfortunately we had to drop some of the families we are working with because they just are going anywhere hopefully in the future things will change with them but right now we have some fresh new people in the pool to teach and as far as I know none of them are wanted criminals so that is a good start.

Thanks to everybody for all of the birthday wishes, my birthday turned out well yesterday we had a great dinner with the other elders after we went tracting with them and I don't really feel a year older and wiser too but hopefully that wisdom will come soon. It is nice and bitter cold here right now but I am surviving, i had my first real good dose of prujem so far on my mission but I'm already past that and once is good enough for me with that.

Congrats to Ian on getting accepted to BYU that's great news.

Its really great seeing the work move forward in the mission its already come so far over the last two years but its in motion to be even better this year again. I hope everybody has a great week remember to feast upon the words of Christ daily and be happy.

Elder Hatch

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