Mark your calanders!

Mark your calendars so you can be at Sky Harbor Airport to welcome Jordan home. He will arrive:

Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
at 5:30 pm

on British Airways to Phoenix.

Everyone is invited to welcome him off the plane!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Hey family,

So it has been snowing quite a bit here this last week, it snowed 20 centimeters one day and then another 10 centimeters after that, which isn't a huge amount but it's a lot more than they are used to here so they have had trouble keeping the roads paved. haha our little fabia is definitely not the best in the snow we have gotten stuck a couple of times but luckily the thing only weighs 2000 pounds so its easy to push out.

We had zone conference down in Brno which turned out really well we had a good training and we learned a lot of good things from the assistants and President. I am glad you got all the pictures you sent I will try to do a better job of taking more and sending them home more often.

We had a cool experience last night, we were driving home and it was snowing and we were going a different way than we usually do home and all of a sudden there on the side of the road walking in the snowstorm was one of our less actives who wasn't at church. So we stopped the car real quick and jumped out and talked with him. He had been going through a real hard time then but we cheered him up and set up a meeting with him for tomorrow. It still blows my mind just how the thought of going a different way home could have such consequences.

This last week we went on exchanges here in olomouc and I was with a pretty young missionary named Elder Rigby and we saw some really good success happen, it was crazy for me to think when I was in his shoes I was still in liberec. Yesterday was the 1 year mark of lenka's baptism I got a nice text message from her about that she is doing great.

We have had quite a few sick investigators all week but we were able to take that to our advantage with sending them reading assignments in the Book of Mormon and 2 of our investigators are starting to really enjoy reading in the Book of Mormon which is always great to hear about.

Some bad news of the week is that Milan Sr. is having a really hard time finding work and trying to sell his apartment for a while and he got upset and banned his kids from coming to church or FHE so we are trying to figure out that situation. I don't know if i have told you that or not but every friday night we have a FHE activity put on by the missionaries for members and for investigators where we have different games and activities and than a spiritual thought at the end. It is usually a pretty good time and allows the members and investigators to get to know each other and interact.

We should be having a baptism here on Saturday with Jozan Jr and hopefully his dad will be baptizing him which would be a great experience for them both.

I would like to request no more sending me candy, you all have been doing too good of a job with that and with christmas my companion and I both have massive amounts of candy so we are good on that but thank you all for your kindness and thoughts with sending me that.

Something I have been really working on lately is always mentioning and testifying and teaching of the savior in our lessons no matter what we are teaching about, it always brings such a strong spirit and ends contention. We had one lesson with about 6 investigators in the room with 2 new members and there started to be quite a bit of contention between everybody about different theological beliefs but I just brought it back to Christ and bared a simple testimony of him and it was amazing to see how there was just instant peace and the contention was gone and people started sharing about who Christ is for them and it turned into a great meeting. We have had a couple of other similar experiences, i have really come to enjoy teaching and testifying on my mission. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and he guides us on the path to true lasting happiness and joy all we need to do is be willing to follow.

I love you all and I look forward to hearing from you this next week

Elder Hatch

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