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Mark your calendars so you can be at Sky Harbor Airport to welcome Jordan home. He will arrive:

Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
at 5:30 pm

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Everyone is invited to welcome him off the plane!

Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5th, 2009

Hey family

The work is continuing onwards here in Plzen. Transfers are in a week so don't send anymore stuff to my apartment here in plzen because i may be leaving so if you have anything to send just wait a week to see what happens. The good news of the week is that our investigator John is going to start working towards baptism, (he is the one from the car crash). He was telling us that since we first met last transfer his life has changed and he has more joy in life now from a renewal of his faith. We have been wanting to talk with him about baptism for 2 months now but he lost his phone so we weren't in contact with him for 2 weeks, then a week after we got back in contact with him he got in a car crash and was in a coma and in the hospital for a month, so there have definitely been some things popping up to interfere but he is still continuing onwards.

It's interesting how we are led to help people as missionaries even though they don't end up being interested in the message we still help them quite a bit, it is a big testimony to me for God's love for all of his children even if they don't end up accepting the message.

For example, we met this one guy this last week, contacted him and sat down on a bench and he started telling us his story about how a week ago he came home from work an hour early and walked in on his girlfriend with another man. She promptly kicked him out of their house and locked him out and he had nothing with him, he didn't have any money because it was all at home, he still had work which he went to every day but wasn't getting paid for 2 weeks and he had already been living outside for one week. And his girlfriend told him he would never see their 2 year old daughter again. He wrote a last letter to everybody and was going to go jump off a bridge to end his life, we talked to him for awhile and he ended up changing his mind and decided to give life another shot, he has a book of mormon he is reading in but right now doesn't think it is for him.

I went on exchanges with Elder Kartchner this week so the two greenies got to spend a day together doing missionary work which they were pretty scared for but they ended up doing a good job and we had set up some meetings with english speakers to even it out a little bit. We met some scientologists and they want us to come to their seminary class so I told them that if they come to our seminary class this week we will go to theirs so we shall see what happens, I really have no idea what scientologists believe,I just know that Tom Cruise is one so we will see if they end up coming to ours.

President and Sister Slovacek came to church yesterday which is always fun. They sat up on the stand and they have these little translator sets so I sat in the back and translated for them, I am pretty sure a couple of czech words slipped in but they understood it all.

I ate rabbit for the first time on Saturday, we did service for this one woman and afterward she gave us lunch which consisted of rabbit. Also this last week we ate intestine soup which actually wasn't too bad just pretty chewy. Well that is about all for this week I hope you have a great week in San Antonio together.

Elder Hatch

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