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Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday October 12th, 2009

Hey family

We were able to watch conference this weekend which was a great experience to hear the words of the prophets. I was able to watch Saturday's sessions in english but I watched Sundays in czech because I was sitting with our investigators. . I could understand the conference in czech but it just did not have the same power because it is not my native tongue. Something funny with it and also disappointing, I was watching elder hollands talk and i could tell he was getting way into it and pretty intense but the translator just had this smooth passive voice.

Well just now while I was writing this email I got a call from President telling me that I will be transferred to oloumoc and I am going to be Zone Leader there with Elder Roberts, he was my district leader when I was in trebic so it will be fun serving with him there. Oloumoc is supposed to be a beautiful city and the zone has some high expectations there so I am excited to get to work. I am sad to leave Plzen and I will always remember this city because this is the place I would say I became the missionary I always envisioned myself being combining missionary skills with langauge ability and working with a lot of great people but life is also about moving on and having new experiences and new challenges for growth.

Vratislav is doing great he was at all the sessions of conference and it was so cool because you could just see that he was hungering after the word of God and soaking it all up, I have great hopes of him serving a mission he is the favorite missionarys person to teach with because he gives good simple testimony and he kind of just tells it how it is and people respect him for that.

Something else cool, Iva the woman Elder Chambers and I found in Trebic at the library was baptized at district conference in brno by my future companion Elder Roberts and from what I hear there was a 70 at the conference and the 70 stood in to give her the holy ghost.

One of our other investigators Pepa is making good progress we found him last transfer but he was gone for a month this transfer but he was at conference and caught 3 talks and they were all on chastity which we knew would be the biggest problem with him since he has had a girlfriend for about 2 years. He had to hurry and run to work after conference but we taught him that night and we were teaching the 10 commandments and when we got to adultery i was like what does this word mean to you and he was like it means i will end the intimate part of my relationship with anna (who is his girlfriend) i was taken a back and it was a testimony to me that you cant beat around the bush but you give it to them with the spirit and they will follow it.

I hope you all have a great week and i look forward to hearing from you next week from oloumoc take care and don't have too much fun in Cancun.
Elder Hatch

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