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Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday October 26th, 2009

hey family

great things are happening here in olomouc, Josef was baptized on saturday and got the holy ghost on sunday which was a great experience the other woman andrea wasn't baptized we had to put it off but hopefully in a month or so she can be baptized. Unfortunatly two of his kids were really sick so his wife had to stay home with them over the weekend and couldn't see him baptized or receive the holy ghost but she was very happy to hear of it and see the pictures, his sister came to the baptism and was very interested and she is thinking about being baptized now too.

Sunday was also branch conference so we had President and sister slovacek with us and also the district president and one of his counselors and it was a great meeting all of our investigators loved hearing them talk and Josef was very impressed and is already planing on applying these things they taught into his life. during sunday school the branch worked on a plan on what they want to see in 5 years. They came up with they wanted their main goal to be working towards building their own chapel here in olomouc so we went over the requirements necessary for that, a funny thing was we had this old lady there as an investigator and she thought it was a matter of just raising enough money to get it so she was wanting to start a baking service to raise money for it. I was translating for the slovaceks so it was pretty funny telling them about all the different ideas, sister slovacek got a good laugh out of starting a baking service.

It was a pretty hectic week for us tuesday evening after some meetings we took off to ostrava for exchanges there, we showed up at their apartment and gave them a call and were like hey we are right in front of your building, they said "we are outside and dont see you", it turns out that they had moved apartment buildings and our gps had taken us to their old apartment and they didnt know the address to their new apartment and neither of them knew the city because they were both brand new so it was and interesting experience finding where they lived we had to ask a lot of directions from random people but we finaly found it. we spent the whole next day in their area helping them find new people and then we were back to olomouc for another day of teaching and having josefs baptisimal interview and then friday it was off to brno for leadership conference and back for the baptism and branch conference.

The lord blessed us for all of the work and effort we put in and even with being out of our area so much we still were able to find some cool new people to teach and gave a baptisimal date to this guy named martin, i found his number in the apartment gave him a call we met with him and gave him a baptismal date, he has read the book of mormon one and half times through since the missionaries gave it to him a couple of months ago. the next meeting he brought his wife and 10 year old daughter and we started teaching them as well.

here is an interesting and funny story we were leaving this apartment building last week after teaching a leasson and as we were leaving some crazy 20 year old girl ran and jumped on my companion bear hugging him trying to kiss him, luckily he was able to get her off of him without hurting her and i got a good laugh out of it and was pretty grateful that i was behind him and it didnt happen to me.

i was finally able to see elder hollands talk in english it was pretty intense and good i liked it quite a bit. things are going great here, my companion and i are getting along great he is a real good person and fun too he was way into extreme sports at home.

This work is so amazing and it is so fulfilling seeing how the gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to change lives so powerfully and help people become better and happier but even more important shows them how to return to live with Our Heavenly Father. God lives as does His Son, Jesus Christ and Thomas S. Monson is their called Prophet on earth today.

Elder Hatch

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Susan Nowland - Mom of Missionary said...

You will have to ask Elder Hatch if Martin(the guy he found the number for and contacted this week) owns a wine bar. If so, my son found him when he was there. He really thought Martin would get baptized. If so, let me know and I can look at my sons old letters and find out as many details as possible to help Elder Hatch with him. He was an awesome guy. My son was Elder Nowland and he served with Elder Hatch in Liberec. He was one of his favorite companions. I love reading this blog, he is a GREAT missionary. Susan Nowland