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Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
at 5:30 pm

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday February 16th, 2009

Hey everybody

Haha so last monday i mentioned how it was warming up here but then we got a slap in the face tuesday was a huge storm the trams were all delayed and shut down from the snow and its snowing again today so i guess i was just a little too hopeful for spring but i am stayin alive in the snow.

So we had a good week this last week with everything, Kristina the commando girl came to church yesterday and it was really good she liked it alot so commented to me after that everybody here is so positive and happy and that it makes her happy too. The sister missionary's were telling us about what happened during relief society I guess they talked about Jesus Christ and how he overcame death so all could be resurectted. And she raised her hand and was like I want to believe that but i dont know how i can, how did all of you guys gain your faith and belief in that? So the wise teacher turned the time over to the class and it was like a mini testimony meeting and they each bore their testimony about how they know its true and how they came to that knowledge and they said it was super powerful. She really hit it off with one of the sisters and as she was leaving Kristina was like hey i will see you here next week right and the member was like of course im lookin forward to it. We later watched Finding Faith In Christ with her which she really enjoyed.

We had a cool meeting with this guy named stanislav who elder gagon and i found last transfer. It was probably our 6th meeting with him he has been to church here once and was supposed to be here yesterday but had to go visit his parents something came up. But during the meeting he was like when i met you guys i wasnt a believer but i am now, so we are gonna be workin him towards baptism here pretty soon hopefully.

I gave my first priesthood blessing in czech yesterday which was cool. We were visiting our less actives and they were all sick and wanted their kids to get blessings, I was way nervous but my czech was perfect in it and I was able to say everything i felt prompted to say which was a cool experience. After that we talked with them about the priesthood and we are now going to be working with them to help their 13 year old son get the priesthood he is going to be coming to church with us every week so that is exciting.

We went on a short little vylet this morning to this castle that is just about a 15 minute bus ride from the outskirts of brno. It is on top of this hill overlooking the river, it was in the middle of a snowstorm but that just added to the fun. I am lovin the mission everything here is awesome. A mission is all about your outlook on it, as i have looked at different missionarys and observed them while on exchanges the happy missionarys have a good out look on everything, when somebody rejects them on the street they just smile and say have a good day and are on to the next one. But the missionarys who dwell on the rejection and dont move on are always in a bad mood. So it is all about looking forward with hope and having a good out look on things.

My new companion is quite the cook and yesterday we made sweet and sour chicken from scratch, like frying them up and everything so my culinary skills continue to grow.

It sounds like everything is going well at home which is good to hear the trek sounds like it is going to be a fun time. Keep on working hard everybody and being good I love you guys.

Elder Hatch

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