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Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hey Family hows it going there? Its great to read all your emails and know you are doing well. I will start off with answering some questions, they have a transit system here of buses and trams that i got a month long pass too. we are in an apartment building and have a very nice apartment, i found out why it is so nice it used to be a sisters apartment so it is all new and remodeled and is much nicer than the other elders apartment which is like a 10 minute walk away, they live in an old panawok which are huge apartment buildings built during the cold war and it is pretty much a dump there.

The church is in some rented rooms on the second floor of the building across the street from us. i took some pictures and ill send them to you.

everybody can send me emails not just family but i can only write family and other missionaries on here. I haven't been over anywhere for dinner yet we got invited this week to go to the branch presidents house for dinner he and his wife are real nice and they have a cute 1 year old son.

Right now we have two baptisimal dates which is pretty exciting since I think there has only been 1 baptisim here in the last 4 years? The branch is very small but they are very willing to always come sit in on a lesson with us traveling pretty far to get to the church to do so.

Last sunday we had our first meeting with a woman who we found as a new investigator. she has had a hard life under the soviets and then last year her daughter dissapeared and she has been searching for her ever since, we gave her the book of mormon and challenged her to start reading in it when we met with her on wednseday. she had read the whole thing and was asking us questions from all over the book which was really exciting, and then when we taught her about prophets she got even more excited and we gave her the conference edition of the liahona to read.

I teach a couple of little principles in each lesson and it is exciting because they understand what i say but then when they ask questions back i have no idea what they are saying and my companion steps in and helps me out. Our zone leader came in on thursday for exchanges and i got to go contacting with him for a little bit he is a good guy. elder mac from kanas city currently the oldest missionary by time in country, we are kind of on a weird cycle here a bunch of missionaires have been coming and leaving the last couple of transfers and now we only have 3 missionaries coming in and 3 leaving in the next 8 months.

My comp left for brno thursday night for a leadership conference and i went and stayed with the other elders for my first over night exchange, the next day i went out with one of the members the whole day tracting which was good. Tonight we are putting on a branch family home evening for everybody we are making tacos and then we are decoration different rooms and taking the branch on a tour of the 3 kingdoms of glory so hopefully it turns out good we are spending most of today decorating and getting the food and cooking. i guess the branch really like the one the missionaries did last transfer which was a journey back to the time of the book of mormon.

You asked what different kinds of czech meals i have had, ive had sveditka which is like a couple of slices of i think sourdough bread? and you eat it with meat and sauce, ive had their version of fried chicken with fried cheese balls which are very good, and some peach chicken thing it has all been really good.

I guess the czech republic is famous for this one kind of soda kofala so i have had that, here beer is much cheaper than soda or water which is kind of crazy. My comp made a slovak dish for as district dinner called hluska which is very good hes gonna teach me how to make it then last night he made ovoce knedliky which is a famous czech desert that is very good. Hopefully that answered most of your questions keep on sending them, we are working hard here im exhausted when i go to bed and wake up but the work is going well and im loving it. Keep on doin whats right good luck with your talks mom and dad im sure you will do great.


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