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Monday, August 18, 2008

August 18th, 2008

Hey guys it sounds like you all had a good week. mine had its up and downs but it was good overall. On monday our ward fhe went great, the branch loved it. we had twenty people there which was awesome and actually more then we expected so us 4 missionaries didnt eat but it was worth it the members really enjoyed it. In the celestial room we covered the floor and walls with white sheets and had a bunch of lights and some music playing when we opened the doors one of the women started crying and said it was so amazing and thats where she wants to go so it was definitely worth sacrificing our whole p day to do it.

On Tuesday we found out one of our progressing investigators had made a few mistakes before meeting us including stealing some money from some people and had to flee the country or they would kill him so that was kind of a surprise but dont worry mom we are safe. Another one of our really good investigators had to move to another city for work and there are no missionaries there which is a bummer but we got talking to some sister missionaries about an hour away and they say they go to that city some times when they have investigators so they might be able to take over teaching him which would be cool.

Our zone leader came on exchanges with us on thursday which was really good he and his companion spent the night at our apartment then we got up early and left for zone conference in prague which was awesome. It was a dual zone conference at the mission home and it was a great experience. president and his wife taught us some really good things about how to love the people for who they are, and the AP's had some good presentations. From my interview with president i think i might stay in liberec for the next transfer he told me to get ready cuz the winters are cold in liberec but i told him i have a good big coat so ill be ok.

On sunday we had a great sacrament meeting, we had two investigators there, the other missionaries had two investigators then one random guy showed up who was visiting from prague and asked if he could come to our church and see what it was like, one of the members brought a non member friend, than a mongolian couple showed up he is a member and his wife is not and she wants to be taught, they had to travel by train an hour and a half to get there which shows a lot of dedication on their part.

We extended a baptisimal invitation to Aja and it went really well she accepted and right now we have it set up for a double baptism on september 6th which would be awesome. The members were way excited to see all the people there it was a great boost for this little branch. On wednesday we went to the branch presidents house for dinner, we had to ride a bus then a tram then he picked us up at the tram station and drove us to their house. They have this sweet little cottage out in the country side that they are redoing, we had some very good czech food and one of the members was there with his girlfriend who is our investigator which went really good being with them.

I am loving it here the work is going good and the people are way nice. An interesting thing about the czech republic is that pretty much all the shops are closed on sundays and everybody stays home with their familys which i think is awesome. So me and elder andersen went tracting last night (sunday) we got let into the panolak went up to the very top floor knocked on the door and we got this like 40 year old guy to answer in his speedo almost nottinghill style mom and he was just leaning on the door talking to us pretty funny.

Alot of the old women are scared of us and wont open the door so they try to yell through it to talk to us but they are all like deaf and cant hear what we yell back it makes for some interesting times.

You guys will have to let me know how the triatholon goes with kamille im pretty sure she will kill library boy's (me) time. I love you all thanks for everything, im sending pictures home today so look for those.


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