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Monday, August 25, 2008

Liberec-- Monday July 25th, 2008

Hey everybody we had a pretty good week here ill start out answering some questions, our apartment is pretty much in the direct center of town, our street is a busy walking street with lots of shops and we are directly between the two namestis which are kinda like town squares and the the central hub of the bus and tram station is like a 3 minute walk away which is very nice.

For a rundown of our daily schedule we wake up at 6:30 and exercise shower get ready and breakfast from 7-8 personal study from 8-9 comp study from 9-10 personal language study from 10-10:30 and then we leave usually for contacting which we do in the central area of town have lunch around 1 depending what time we have meetings at, then we have more contacting and meetings spread through out the day, if we dont have any meetings at night we would go tracting from 5:30 to 8 and have dinner from 8-9 we usually have a big lunch and then just like a sandwhich for dinner planning from 9-9:30 and then journal writing and getting ready for bed, im doing a pretty good job of writing in my journal everyday.

For tracting we hop on a bus to get out of the central area and pick a panalock to tract one of the hardest parts is trying to get in to them since you have to be buzzed in. We ride the bus usually 2 or 3 times a day and they also have some trams that we take when we visit one of our older less actives. We have 3 less actives we work with, two are single women between like 75-80 and 1 is a married woman who is like 25 and her husband hates the church.

Vera is one of our older ones and she is in a long term recovery center she had a couple of surgerys done and her only family in the area is a nephew, so we go by a couple of times each week for a few minutes and help her walk around the hallways and visit with her which she greatly enjoys. a funny story from it as she was holding onto my companion and walking we passed an older woman who was staying there and her husband was visiting her the woman in czech said to her husband, those boys are handsome i can tell they are not from around here but they speak czech, what do we have to do to get one of them? Go ask the doctor and see if i can get one. I wasnt able to understand all of it but elder andersen told me about it afterwards and we had a good laugh.

It was a slow week for us on teaching a lot of people are gone on vacation right now the whole branch was pretty much gone from monday to saturday. Our two main investigators didnt come to church which is a bummer. honza had to work the night before from 10-6 and we went to pick him up at 8:20 but he didnt answer which was a bummer and Aja was out of town so we are working on trying to get some more investigators. there are a ton of old people here it seems like we contact them but we usually have more success with the younger crowd between like 18-20.

It has rained quite a bit here the last couple of days. I cant think of anything else right now we are keeping busy working it should start to pick up more next week when the university here comes back and starts up the semester. How is swim going for Ian and Alyssa? When do you have time trials? Its crazy that im already a month through my first transfer time flies it seems like i was just packing and getting ready to leave the MTC. I hope you all have a good week

Elder Hatch

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