Mark your calanders!

Mark your calendars so you can be at Sky Harbor Airport to welcome Jordan home. He will arrive:

Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
at 5:30 pm

on British Airways to Phoenix.

Everyone is invited to welcome him off the plane!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Hello family,

Well this week we had quite the miracle take place. So our judge came to conference on sunday and loved it sat with her member friends and than we had a meeting with her on tuesday that had quite the ending to it. After our first meeting with pani zemankova (the judge) elder mittanck and i sat down to think about who could be her member friend, the name came to my mind and to his of sister cankova a very solid older woman in the branch neither of us had ever taught with her before but we gave her a call and she said she would love to teach with us and her husband would come too. We had the meeting last thursday with them which went great they got along well, the cankovi took care of her at church on sunday sitting with her and introducing her to people, pani zemankova invited us all out for tea after conference so we talked about the sabbath day and she understood. So on tuesday pani zemankova brought these cakes and tea and after our meeting we had a little tea party sister cankova and pani zemankova got to talking more and they found out that they were both from the same city. Then they found out each others maiden names and lo and behold they are cousins and grew up together, they hadnt seen each other in 20 years and didn't recognize each other and both had married in that time but it was nice little family reunion and they spent some time catching up, on thursday they brought pictures of them together when they were younger, the Lord definitely had a role to play in us deciding to teach with sister cankova.

We got another baptismal date with a guy named kenneth from nigeria, we showed him the restoration video and it just clicked for him, he has already been to church a few times and he loves the restoration now we are teaching some of his friends as well and when they all heard the plan of salvation for the first time they were blown away saying this is so simple but powerful and makes perfecet sense no man could of come up on this on his own and they are all getting into the book of mormon.

Our cuban family is doing well they came to conference last sunday and liked it, at the building we had conference going in czech, english, spanish and mongolian. Yesterday was fun we went on a office trip to cesky raj (bohemain paradise) President and Sister Slovacek came with their daughter heidi (who reads my blogs so i have to be careful of what i say) the two senior couples the office elders and elder mittanck and i. It was a really fun time there is this castle up on these cliffs with all of these rock formations around it that we hiked through and climbed up on and then we had a picnic lunch and drove around to see some other castles. It was a great time being with everybody, The slovaceks and the senior couples are all down to earth people and fun to be around and talk with, plus they fill me in on the sports world. The weather was nice and my white skin got to see some sunlight.

Another fun experience we had last week that i forgot to right about was that we were invited to a members house for fhe, it was a group of older people and they invited a young couple and my companion and i as well we got to the apartment and the man was showing us around it and took us to the balcony and it was right on the vltava river overlooking charles bridge an amazing view, he was telling us how he doesn't use this apartment except for dinner parties and letting vistors stay there when they come in town, the assistants and "his missionaries" and in the past he always lets them stay there when they come back to visit but he told us he was selling it so he would have to end that. i will send home a camera chip on monday sorry i havent done it for a while life is really busy here but i am taking pictures. also i will be using a different email for the last two months of my mission it is a new and improved myldsmail so if you could send your emails there that would be great. have a great week everybody.

elder hatch

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