Mark your calanders!

Mark your calendars so you can be at Sky Harbor Airport to welcome Jordan home. He will arrive:

Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
at 5:30 pm

on British Airways to Phoenix.

Everyone is invited to welcome him off the plane!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

hey family,

We had a lot of great experiences this last week, i was in the office and somebody called so i picked up the phone and started talking to this woman. She told me that she had been researching our church and likes it and wants to become a member and asked what she had to do to become a member. So we met with her on Tuesday and she had all this information with her about us and knew all of the articles of faith and the story of the restoration. we asked her how she found out about us and she said she was reading an article about John Heeder (i guess he is the guy from napoleon dynamite) and it said that he was Mormon and she was like oh i have never heard of that church and so she started looking us up and liked everything about it. She is a judge here in prague and she kept on telling us that her country needs our church and asked us if she could help spread the message somehow. We had another meeting with her on thursday and had a great couple here in the branch come and teach with us, she had read about 14 chapters in the bom by then and had quite a few questions but she made a goal to get baptized on May 15th and will be coming to conference tomorrow.

Our cuban family is doing well we taught them twice this last week, there is a member here from america with his family who served a mission to chile and he has been going and teaching with us and translating for us, it has given me a desire to learn spanish when i get home they should all be coming to church tomorrow as well.

We gave another baptismal date for may 15th with a woman named katka who has been coming to church for the past 3 months. Last night we taught a mongolian who is a friend of a recent convert and so we taught another lesson through a translater, mongolian is a pretty forgein sounding language but its funny because there is no word for baptism in mongolian so they just put the english word as it, same with jesus christ so its funny listening because you are hearing all these different noises and then baptism.

We had a scare last night, we came into the office at 6 to pick something up and the office elders were freaking out because there had been all these people calling the office saying that they hadn't recieved copies of conference which we had sent to all the branch presidents on wednesday, but i guess it was either somebody prank calling or one of the elders not understanding czech well because we called all 15 branch presidents and they had gotten them which was a good relief.

I have been working with one of the office elders helping him lose weight, so far since i have been in prague he has lost 25 pounds, my goal is the opposite and that is to gain weight so far i have successfully put on 10 pounds.

It sounds like you all saw the video of our birthday dance that we did last saturday for president and sister S. Somebody asked if sister slovackova is somebody different from sister slovacek, in czech with the woman their last names end with ova so alot of times we call sister slovacek sister slovackova. Everything is going well here, the nice thing about being in the office is there is so much going on it keeps you from getting trunky. Another funny thing about being in prague during tourist season is you get stopped by members from around the world on the streets. I am looking forward to watching conference and receiving that guidance that comes from it.
have a great week

Elder Hatch

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