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Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
at 5:30 pm

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Hey family

Well it was a very interesting week this last week full of all sorts of ups and downs. We can start with one of the ups, so Andrea our woman who was baptized a week ago had just about everything that could go wrong in her life go wrong this last week, problems with work with children with a former husband and she started getting scared that she had made the wrong decision to be baptized because all of these things were happening and she started doubting. Well then she had a dream where her recently deceased mom came to her and told her that everything was alright she had made the right decision and is on the right path and then her mom told her that she was also being taught now about everything on the other side. Needless to say that was a very powerful experience for Andrea and she has the faith to conquer all of these problems in her life right now. We were talking to her brother who lived in england with his wife for a couple of months and they told us that they had the missionaries over there but couldn't really understand them but they are reading in the book of mormon now too.

So most of you probably know about 6 months ago I had a stomach ulcer in trebic, well Tuesday night during a lesson I felt it coming back. By the time the lesson was over the drugstores were closed (they close at 8 here) so I figured I would just go home and tough it out until morning time to get my medicine for it since I had unfortunately forgotten my old medicine in plzen. Well it got worse and worse and about 1:30 in the morning my companion thought I was about to die because of all the vomiting and I was moaning like a little girl. So he took me to the hospital where they did their little tests, finally giving me the medicine after 2 hours to make it better. My companion was a true missionary though and while we were waiting he was talking with the nurse about the church at 2 in the morning. So we made it home at 4 in the morning hopped in bed for 2 and half hours and then we had to take off to brno for zone conference where we had to do a training. Surprisingly the training went really well, I didn't get too much out of zone conference however being so tired and with pain still in my stomach.

Everybody from slovakia and moravia (eastern czech repulibc) spent the night in brno that night to have the turkey bowl the next day. They all went out tracting that night after zone conference but my companion and i just went to one of the apartments to recuperate. The funny thing was right after zone conference maminka was there at the building and she was all worried about me and trying to give me all of these suggestions to get better, it was pretty cool she was still wearing the scarf i had given to her last christmas as a present. But there is no need to worry about me now I am all good now with no pain and I have my medicine to take, i guess i am supposed to eat more cabbage? they say that is good for the stomach. So Thursday i did a lot of watching at the football game but that is alright i would rather be healthy than play football. One mistake we did was we forgot our GPS in the zone leaders apartment in brno so right now we are having to do alot of navigating but it is going pretty well.

Other news, our investigator who got hit by a car is doing good. He has some broken ribs and ispretty beat up so he stayed home from church this week with his wife but two of their sons came for the whole 3 hours all on their own.

It sounds like Thanksgiving was a good laid back time for all of you at home and that Jenni and Mason enjoyed coming in from Texas. Has Ian got any of the stuff that i have sent? Sorry Alyssa and mom your stuff will be coming late but i hope that the both of you will have great birthdays this week, eat an extra piece of that cosco cake in my behalf. I hope everybody has a great week and pray for me to be healthy if you can, I hate being sick as a missionary.

Elder Hatch

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