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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 19th, 2009

Hey family and friends

i enjoyed hearing from you today it sounds like you are doing well. Things are going great here, we had 11 non members at church yesterday which was great and we got some more we are working on coming next week. So i have a calling here in the branch in olomouc i am now the official branch pianist, my fingers are a little rusty but we show up early to church so i can practice some of the songs and it hasnt been too bad the last two weeks and you may be surprised but i havent even had to bust out a rendition of sweet hour of prayer which many may remember as a classic of mine when i played in priesthood.

Funny/cool news of the week we have this 22 year old guy who is investigating the church and also this 18 year old girl who is investigating, and they didnt know each other at all but they met at church and now they are dating which is a first for me but so far it is turning out pretty good and as a plus we were a little worried she had more interest in us as missionaries then the gospel but now we dont have to worry about that which is always good.

Another funny story we are teaching this family with three boys who have been at church twice, this last sunday they were coming back from brno so they couldnt come to church but at the start of priesthood i saw one of the boys come in, his name is milan and he is almost 10. he was all out of breath and i was like hey milan hows it going, he replied huffing and puffing we just got back from brno and i ran to make it to primary so he stayed for the last hour of primary and then afterwards i was talking with him and he was dissapointed it was already over but left home happy cuz we are going to visit them on tuesday. he is a really cool kid when we were teaching them this last week we taught them how to pray and he brought out a paper and pen and asked me to write down how to pray just the 3 steps 1. Address heavenly father 2. speak from the heart with him thank him for things which he gives us and ask questions or for help and 3. End in the name of Jesus Christ. I had never seen a little kid so excited to pray it was a great experience.

We should be having 2 baptisms on saturday, Andrea is a 25 year old single mom who is Josefs cousin and then josefs 11 year old son will be getting baptized. Andrea has a great conversioin experience, her mom died a couple of months ago and than one night she had a dream where her mom came to her and told her how help would be coming to her to show her the right way and the next day she met the missionaries.

The assistants came on exchanges with us this week which was great because it was the first time i was able to work with Elder Briggs my good budd from the MTC, we found a sweet guy together and than we taught Liba the awesome woman we met the gospel of Jesus Christ and she loved it all, we are going to be working with her to be baptized in december, it was quite different from the last time elder briggs and i taught together in the mtc and i would say we have made some definite improvement in our czech from that time. She also has already invited us over for christmas lunch and we have gotten another invitation for christmas eve dinner from one of our investigator families so i guess people must like us.

I am also grateful for the opportunity to help and serve others, at the beginning of the week i was having some hard times but tuesday evening i was with another missionary to train on exchanges and i had to forget about myself and my own wants and problems and lose myself in helping another missionary which helped me out myself. I am a big fan of if you want to be happy try to make somebody else happy and you will find it makes you as happy as well.

Other good news this week, the family i found and taught in brno have a baptisimal date for the 12th of december which was great to hear.

It sounds like stake conference turned out well, I loved dad's talk on missionary work it was good hearing about the successes of grandma jacques mission and grandma ruths i hadnt heard those stories before grandma jacques has sent me grandpa hals mission journal and i enjoy reading through it. Well that is all this week I am happy to be here and serving the Lord it is the best thing in the world and I know with out a doubt that God is there he hears our prayers and loves us, That Jesus is The Christ and is our Savior and Redeemer one of my favorite scriptures i love sharing with people is alma 7:11-12 you should all look it up.

Elder Hatch

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