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Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday May 18th, 2009

Hey family

So I am writing this email to you from Brno, fun to be back in the city for a day. My companion Elder Chambers is a really good singer and they are doing a special musical number on thursday for the mission conference so we had to come here for him to practice with the others.

So we had some cool experiences this last week. Starting off on our vylet in znojmo last week we met up with some former missionaries who had gone home about a year ago and talked with them as we saw the city, one of them was brother johnson who was my teacher in the mtc so it was fun to see him and talk with him in czech and catch up a little bit, i guess airfairs were really cheap there was a group of them that came back to see the country for two weeks.

We usually email at the library in trebic and the librarian woman is super nice and we usually talk with her, the missionaries had approached her in the past but she didn't have any interest but she always comments on how we are perfect young men. So this last week elder chambers and I made brownies and took them to her while she was working to thank her for always being so kind to us, she wanted the recipe so we came back two days later and gave her the recipe and than we told her that we were going to have talks in church and invited her to come see us, she said thanks but Sunday is my only day off so i will probably be resting. Well we got to church on Sunday and there she was talking with the members inside when we came in, she was like I woke up and it was such a beautiful morning I decided to change my mind and come see you and than afterwards she was like it was really good I think Jesus wanted me here.

And then the story continues, while we were giving her the brownies in the library a woman came up and contacted us and was like hey you are the mormons right? We were like yep thats us and than she asked us if she could come to church with us on sunday because she wanted to find out more about us. So she was at church on sunday as well and loved it.

Church was a little interesting this week, a bunch of members were out of town for this district kids camping trip, so i ended up speaking, playing the piano and blessing the sacrament but it all turned out pretty good. It was the first time i had played the piano in 5 months so i was a little rusty but it turned out well, I spoke about prophets and it went pretty well.

Ana is still doing good loving everything. we taught about chastity and word of wisdom and she was like, well i already keep that but ok i will keep on keeping it. The problem that is coming up is that her parents are very against it, they were raised in communist vietnam and think that faith in god is stupid. Her parents are very nice people but arent supportive of her at all when it comes to faith, she is 19 so she could get baptised without their approval, but she has asked to move the baptism back a little bit to prepare more and get her parents support so she wont be getting baptized this next week but she still has a strong desire to get baptized i think it will probably be in 2-3 weeks. It amazing how far she has come, she met the missionaries a month and a half ago when she was completly athiest and now she has a testimony of God with a great testimony of prayer and how it helps her every day.

So my companion has sleep apnea so he cant sleep very well at night so he falls asleep sometimes during the day, it comes on him pretty quickly sometimes we are talking in comp study and right in mid sentance he falls asleep. So i have a soft nerf football i keep to toss at him when he falls asleep to wake him up.

There is this old woman we see pretty often walking around who lives by us, and every time she sees us she smiles at us and says those clothes look good on you boys she is about 80 and reminds me of grandma ruth. This morning we were coming back with our groceries, and she saw us and calls us over and she reaches into purse and gives us each a piece of candy for being such good boys she said.

People here in trebic are way nice its got a very small town feel. We had a good experience tracting this last week we talked to this one guy and he was like oh yeah i know david he is a member of your church, and as we started talking more he was like yeah i have seen how happy david is and the good family he has i would like to talk to you more and find out more about your faith. So we are going to be meeting with him at his friend davids house which will be cool, its my first experience finding somebody who already knows a member, so remember people are observing you so be a good example.

I hope everybody has a good week i look forward to hearing from you next week and telling you how it was with elder Perry.

Elder Hatch

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