Mark your calanders!

Mark your calendars so you can be at Sky Harbor Airport to welcome Jordan home. He will arrive:

Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
at 5:30 pm

on British Airways to Phoenix.

Everyone is invited to welcome him off the plane!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday May 11th, 2009

Hey family it was great talking to you all today, we are in znojmo right now on a vylet seeing the city and the sites which is pretty fun. It was great talking to you last night on the phone it was good to hear all of your voices and hear that you are doing good. I saw a picture of you from prom Ian you looked like a borec (thats czech for stud) in that tux of yours.

So we had a great week, we had extended a baptismal date to this young man named tomas and it was kind of a surprise to him and he didnt answer our call when we called him later. But luckily we have been teaching him with members so one of his member friends called him up and invited him to church and he was there yesterday and loved it.

We were driving all over the country side yesterday visting older members who live too far away to come to church with the Branch President. We were on all these country roads and we went like 20 minutes without seeing another car, the czech countryside is pretty beautiful its just rolling hills. The branch here is amazing I love serving in this city, they have had some pretty bum missionarys in the past so that makes it pretty easy for the branch to like us and help us with everything and they are getting very excited to see their branch start growing, I think there has only been 1 baptism here in the last 3 years and he went inactive right afterwards so they are definitely ready for some growth. They have this little pond hidden away up in the mountains i guess where they baptise people so they are really excited to go there. It will be fun to have an outside baptism I am looking forward to it.

Well that is about all from me this week I hope you guys have a successfull week and once again I am glad i could hear your voices.

Elder Hatch

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