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Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
at 5:30 pm

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Monday, November 3, 2008

November 3rd, 2008

Hello guys. I'm glad everybody had a good week with swim regionals, stake conference, dental school and getting into nursing school. This week we put a lot of time into finding and we have found some cool new people to work with which i am excited about.

We met with Jvan twice this week to review some stuff with him we keep on finding out more and more about him. This last monday we were talking with him and he was telling us how his brother back in moldova just got his mission call and that he was going to serve in his own country he was pretty excited about that and we didnt even know his brother was putting in his mission papers. He doesn't have a camera so we printed off some of the baptism pictures we took and gave them to him and he carries them around in his scripture case but he definitely exaggerates the help we gave him- he basically prepared himself for baptism we were just kind of there for the ride but it was a pretty good ride i must say.

On wednseday we went to Jicin which is a city in our zone where there are two sister missionaries and had a zone flood there kind of like how we had in liberec last transfer we had a group of us singing in the town square. it was fun, it was raining all day but we still had some good success finding new people for the sisters and it was interesting to see another city. it was a pretty small city very quaint and beautiful and it was good to associate with the other missionaries in the zone.

Last week we received a referral to place a book of mormon to a guy who had visited the st george vistors center and wanted the missionaries to come so we looked up on our map where this place was and it is way up in the mountains in this little village called rudolfov so we went and checked the bus times and the bus goes there like 5 times a day so we picked a day where we had nothing going on and hopped on a bus to rudolfov it was raining pretty bad and the houses were spread out all over the mountain so we were trying to find this address we asked a woman how the address system works and she was like i have no idea i think the number the houses from oldest to newest which i dont think is the brightest idea of numbering so we spent two hours up there trying to find this house in the rain which was actually pretty fun and good for comp bonding. come to find out this house was destroyed like 5 months ago and they are rebuilding it so we are guessing the referral got lost in the system for a little while.

The weather has warmed up here and is pretty nice the work is going well and i am a happy camper so it is a pretty good combination for me. Way to go on your 50 free time Ian that is way faster then my best you would of kicked my trashed and that is awesome with your backstroke alyssa i am proud of both of you guys good luck at state this next week. Sounds like nick is doing good tell him i said hi and can you send his address to me? I hope everybody has a good week.

Elder Hatch

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