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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Week 2

June 10, 2008

Hello Family I hope all is well with you guys. Ill start out answering some questions people have, my p-day is tuesday and that is the only day i can write mail or email, however we get the mail everyday but sunday and i can read it at night so keep up the good work on sending the letters its always great to hear from you guys and you do an awesome job of it. Thank you for the cookies mom they are awesome i am being kind of selfish and keepin them to my self and i have one every night.Can you guys contact kamille and make sure she got the letter i sent last week to her, she told me on friday that she hadn't gotten in yet in a dear elder letter.

So every week hear we have an appointment on thursday at a place called the trc which is kind of like the weekly test for our language and teaching skills. We set our goals for the week to accomplish what we need to do there, we did good at our last one we were able to introduce ourselves say we were missionarys from the church and ask them if they want to hear about our message all in czech and then we taught them in english it was pretty sweet, this week in the trc for language we are concentrating on learning about how to ask about peoples familes and where they are from. Come to find out I guess Czech is the 3rd hardest language in the world behind finnish and cantonese? And that it used to be a 12 week program but the head instructer who is a convert from the Czech republic got it changed to nine weeks because he said we would only learn more by being actually there but we are all doing great its hard but fun to learn a new language i wish i wouldn't of quit on spanish after two years. The head instructor is a cool guy he is like 29 and converted 12 years ago and served a mission in san diego and is going to BYU for nursing now. Haha he always has to answer his phone in class because he gets all these calls from the church headquarters and has been called a couple of times from President Uctdorf.

We had a great fireside for all of us going to Europe to motivate us, because there are quite a few people who say you are only going there to plant seeds and not convert any body and the guy said a really cool quote about this, he says it does not say the field is brown already for planting it says its white all ready for harvesting it was very motivating. Can you make up a line of authority card and send it to me please dad? And the number you are looking for i believe alyssa is 2073 let me know if it works out. A question about those brown shoes of mine do i need to use some like water repellant or protectore spray on them? I know i dont need to on my black ones because they are gortex and it would ruin them.

I read the book Our Search For Happiness this week and i highly recommend it too all people to read member and non member alike, I also read Our Heritage which is a great book about our history and I enjoyed it. Our district is getting along great, come to find out one of the missionaries in my district played division two basketball in North Carolina and played against Duke and NC and his team went on to win the national championship haha so i dont really play basketball with him we have a good group of us who never played in high school and we just play for fun i like it because its not super competitive and everybody has a good time. My companion wants to know where you got my speakers for the ipod because they are really compact and easy to store and is thinking about getting some.

that sounds like a pretty funny story about grandma hitting the branches she wanted cut off with a broom then ian would cut them down. I hope this email is flowing a little bit better for you mom? I tried to take notes on what to say but it just kind of jumbles together. Jenni and Masons trip sounded amazing let them know im writing them a letter.

Oh and thank you guys for not emailing me i only have 30 minutes on here so its good you are sending them to dear elder that way i can read them the day off :) you guys are so awesome and supportive. Are Ian and alyssa excited for swim camp this next week? Oh and i took some pictures on sunday and ill be putting them in the letter to send to you guys. I haven't seen President Baldwin I always keep an eye out when did he report here and how long are they here for?

Tell everybody who asked about me that I am doing great and I am grateful for their concerns :) I love and miss you all very much but I know I am doing the right thing. Vim ze Jezis Kristus je nas spasitel a vykupitel, a vim ze joseph smith videl boha a Jezise Krista a vim ze cirkve jezise krista pravdiva all that is from memory no notes :) have a good week and i look forward to hearing from you more.

Jordan AKA starsi Hatch

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