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Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
at 5:30 pm

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tuesday June 17, 2008

Hey family and friends just got back from the temple it was a great experience amazing every time plus the omlet and hashbrowns afterwards are awesome :). Thanks to everybody for all the treats the cookies from mom and grandma ruth and the bread from grandma jacque and the cinnomon rolls from Kamille although you are trying your hardest to fatten me up I am glad to say i have only gained 2 1/2 pounds. The scale was fixed in the gym yesterday so my whole district was weighing each other haha one of the elders had gained 11 pounds in 3 weeks thats on pace for 33 pounds for the mtc. ALmost all of my basketball friends left this morning for canada they were the other district that came in to our branch the same day as us we took a bunch of pictures last night and ill either send them today or next week.

That is a cool job for Alyssa helping out with Ann I'm sure it is much appreciated and Alyssa can make a little spending money. That is great Ian is working a lot of hours at the pool, its a great job for the money and you cant beat it for the effort it requires, a lot of the elders here worked on farms or construction before they came here and it brings me memories of me working for Steve that one summer, the hardest job i have ever had by far. Sounds like the hells gate trip was a success for you thats crazy that you have done it 6 times Dad and that it has been 2 years since i last did it, it seems like i was just there on the first one 5 years ago sitting under the tree in the desert area with every body wondering what was gonna happen while you were off finding helping.

The TRC was a great success last week, we were able to do our part in Czech really well and our lesson went great. On Sunday my companion and I were asked to give talks at the cafeteria workers sacrament meeting and were assigned the topic of obedience. The talks went really well I wasn't nearly as nervous as I usually get. I was reading through an old ensign in class the other day and came across an article I recommend to everybody, It was called "The Danger of Hidden Wedges" i think? It was by president Monson and something everybody needs to always keep in mind. A great analogy was given by one of my teachers that maybe kamille could use at her next EFY which her last one sounded like it went great and we can all apply in our lives, it is on testimony. In Israel there are two seas the Sea of Galilee which has very pure water and the Dead Sea which has the saltiest water in the world i think. The reason the sea of Galilee is so pure is because it has a source of water coming in and a source of water coming out, where as the dead sea only has a source of water coming in and none coming out. We can apply this to us, we all have knowledge and experiences of the gospel coming into us all the time just like the two seas, but we need to have an exit as well and we can do this by bearing our testimony and sharing our knowledge of the gospel so we stay pure like the sea of Galilee and don't become spiritually impure like how the dead seas water is impure.

So the mission presidents are coming here this next week i think and we all have to make sure it is spick and span here for them and the General Authorities that will be meeting with them, its away with the short sleeve dress shirts and out with the suits which is gonna be pretty hot. Sorry i missed sending a fathers day card last Tuesday dad I have a late one coming today. It weird that Ian and Alyssa are just like 1/2 a mile away from me right now, the MTC is like its own little world I have been here for three weeks and haven't even seen BYU once which is like 200 yards away but it is all good here I like it.

What are you up to this week mom and dad with the house all to yourselves? Sounds like it is an exciting basketball finals but i don't really find myself missing sports at all here it just doesn't seem that important but it is nice hearing you talk about it. My cough is doing better hopefully it continues to improve, we had a good fireside on Tuesday about how to become better missionaries it was really good then after wards they show 4 different church movies in different locations that is nice to watch. Thank you all for the letters and packages i love them and read them every night, thats the nice thing about the MTC we get mail every day :) keep up the good work I love you all very much, be good and do what you are supposed to, ill be writing letters to send out so be expecting those.


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