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Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
at 5:30 pm

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday June 20th, 2009

Hello everybody

This email will probably be quitw the surprise for you all, we have zone conference next monday and they moved p-day to saturday and didnt tell us until after last P-day but it is ok you can still write me tomorrow and next sunday.

It has been a pretty packed week for us here in Plzen, the zone leaders came down on Tuesday for district meeting and went on splits with us and spent the night, and then the whole Prague district came down wednesday morning and we had a big flood and street display here in plzen which worked out really good we were able to find alot of good people to work with and teach. We have some really good zone leaders and it was great going out and finding with them and learning new things to advance the work.

Elder Price (Zone Leader) and i had a good experience of not judging people and talking to everybody. We were in a park talking to people and we were about to leave and there was one woman left she was about 30 something and dressed like she wanted to be 18 and had a piercing in her chin, as we were leaving the park we were like what the heck we will give it a shot and go talk to her. As we were talking to her she started opening up about how she has a 12 year old daughter and a boyfriend and they are the most important things in her life but they dont give her any time because all they do is sit on the computer and watch tv. So we talked to her about how she has a heavenly father who always loves her and wants a relationship with her and she just broke down crying and we talked with her about how she could gain that knowledge for herself. We set up to go teach her and her family so we shall see how that goes.

Thursday we were running around all day teaching people who were found the day before and then Thursday night we caught a bus to Prague, i stayed in the office elders apartment and got up early the next morning to head to brno with the AP's for leadership conference while my companion stayed in Prague with the other missionaries there. After a full day in brno learning a bunch of good stuff we headed back to Prague where my companion and i caught the last bus to plzen and got home at 9:30 needless to say it was a very long day of traveling but well worth it from all that was learned there.

I was able to see Lenka in Brno and she got the CTR ring that you sent her and she loved it. It was a good one you sent her it actually said choose the right, its funny because for a long time it was translated wrong and was translated as vote correctly.

I am going back to prague on monday for zone conference and then i have to go back in a week to get my visa renewed, i never thought that i would travel around so much as a missionary.

Vratislav is doing good in our meeting last week he started telling us about how when he met us in the park that he never goes home that way but that when the bus came to his stop a women came in with a stroller and blocked the exit so he wasn't able to get off in time and had to wait until the next stop to get off so he went a different way and met us. He told us that he knew that happened for a reason so he could meet us and get the Book of Mormon, which is music to every missionaries ears.

My companion and I are getting along great he is a great elder and has a good desire to work hard as a missionary. That is about all for this week i hope everybody has a great week and be smart and do good stuff.

Elder Hatch

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