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Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5th, 2008

Hey guys its me again

So we are back into our normal schedule again which is a pretty good thing especially for the work. Im still goin strong with just speaking czech sometimes i get into a bad habit of changlish of saying common english phrases in czech like "we will have to keep an eye out for that" so people listening to us talking between our selves might think we are crazy but that is something i will need to work on.

That is awesome you had native companions for 18 months dad i bet that would help so much with the language because you can ask them how to say things the correct way and they can correct your grammar. Unfortunatly there is only one native missionary here right now and thats a sister missionary but hopefully we will get some elders here in the future.

Pepich from liberec was baptized on saturday and confirmed on sunday, he had requested to president that i come and watch it but things werent able to work out. He introduced the gospel to his friend about 3 weeks ago and she has a baptismal date for 2 weeks so he is already doing great.

We had a great experience yesterday as a companionship that humbled us a little bit, we visited a girl in the hospital that we had met on the street about a month ago. We went to the hospital last week and gave her a Book of Mormon and visited for a little bit. Neither of us had much faith going there yesterday that much would happen, she is like 23 and is a body guard/ anti terrosist commando and could probably take out me and my companion in 10 seconds. She told us that she read the intro to the BoM and summarised everything up really nicely and told us she finds it an interesting story and wants to learn more. We taught her the Joseph Smith story yesterday and it really touched her, she was like I like how you guys are normal young people and you use your own words and tell it how it is and you dont use scholarly fancy language. And she was like my friends told me not to meet with you that you are some weird cult but i can see you are normal people and that your church is how religion should be so i dont care what my friends say i like you guys. She is pretty intense she was showing us pictures of her in her commando suit and also pictures of her with her two meter boa construct wrapped around herself and also her anti terrorist dogs so its a good thing she is our friend we can always call her up if we get into trouble.

I got our christmas card on friday i like it exspecially the picture of Ian and Alyssa on the beach. haha I am putting my nutrition classes to good work, some of the elders here in the district want to get in shape so they were asking me what to eat, it wasnt to tough haha i just told them to exchange the chocolate bars for fruits and vegetables.

Well thats about all i got for today Lenka is going strong and will be baptized on saturday, and its snowing right now which is pretty sweet. I hope everybody has an awesome week and that everything goes well.

Elder Hatch

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