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Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29th, 2008

Well for the last week of the transfer Elder Andersen and I put in a ton of work and ended with a bang. Everything fell into place this week with investigators showing up to meetings and we had some great finding which we are very thankful for.

On wednesday we had a street display, we had other people in our zone come to our city and help us we had four elders from Hradec and 2 sisters from Jicin who came. What a street display is, is we stand on the busy street in front of our church and 8 of us would sing hymns in czech while 3 people would go out and contact people. it was a pretty big success we got a lot of potentials out of it and it was also alot of fun, i had to contact by myself which was interesting with the language but i was actually able to communicate with the people which is cool. Us 4 liberec elders spent the morning before they got there at 11 cooking haluski which is a slovak food for lunch for everybody we had to peel and grate 40 potatoes which was quite the experience.

I forgot to tell you but last sunday i gave my first talk in the czech republic which was quite the experience. I was asked by a member that week to cover so i didnt have very much time to translate it which would have taken forever, but luckily one of our investigators is a professional translator so i wrote it all out in english and took it over to him and he translated it for me, i had to read straight from my paper the whole talk but i figure that is ok since there is no way i can give a 15 minute talk in czech without reading it.

This sunday was district conference in Prague and we took two of our investigators with us which was really good for them to see that there are more then just the 15 members in liberec, the Mission home where the prague branch meets was too small so they rented the Narodni Dum which is the National House, it was very nicely decorated and pretty famous i guess. After the conference we walked around prague and showed it to one of our investigators since he is from Moldava and had never seen Prague before.

So this morning we recieved information about transfers what they do is put all the information in the email and send it out to everybody at 10:30 AM and they call it the "Transfer Fax". My companion got a call earlier this morning from President though because of where he is going so i found out about it a little early. I am staying here in Liberec which I had figured would happen and my companion is going to Prague to be Zone leader there which he is very excited about.

My new companion is Elder Nowland he gets here on Wednesday right now he is serving all the way across the country in Oloumoc so i am excited to meet him ive heard he is a great missionary i got to talk to him on the phone a little bit this morning and he is very excited about coming out here.

Some people were asking about GeneraL Conference, it used to be everybody went to Prague and they would translate it live and send it over the satallite. But now they tape it and translate it and send everybody a translated tape to watch in their branch so i will probably get to watch it a week after you. Are you guys going up to Utah for conference? We have alot of new investigators we are working with who are showing alot of promise that im excited about, one man showed up to our first meeting after we gave him the book of mormon having read 300 pages with a bunch of questions, one of the questions was pretty funny i guess there was a slight mistake on translating from english to czech and in one of the scriptures where it is talking about the fruit of the loins as in posterity it said in czech fruit of the kidneys which he was very confused about but we cleared things up and he loves the book of mormon and says it has already made his life so much better.

We also have a woman in her late twentys we are meeting with and she brings her 5 year old daughter to the meeting who plays in the primary room while we talk. Her little daughter is so funny she is the chubbiest thing ever but when we asked her mom if she knew how to pray she called over her daughter who promptly recited the lords prayer i think? or some prayer her mom was so proud.

Well i am out of time but i hope everybody has a great week and ill tell you all about my new companion next week its crazy i wont be with Elder Andersen anymore ill miss

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