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Mark your calendars so you can be at Sky Harbor Airport to welcome Jordan home. He will arrive:

Tuesday June 15th
, 2010
at 5:30 pm

on British Airways to Phoenix.

Everyone is invited to welcome him off the plane!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tuesday July 15, 2008

Hey family hows the beach treatin you? I hope you all are havin a good time and not driving kamille too crazy :) this last week has been pretty much like all the rest, we have gotten into a pretty steady routine here but it is good. So in a couple of days we should be getting our travel departure information which is exciting. We are all learning a lot here but everybody is getting kind of antsy to leave. I am excited to get out there but kind of nervous, it just seems crazy that 2 weeks from now i will be in the Czech republic. We play soccer everyday as a district in PE its us czechs and a couple of bulgarians vs the russians it is pretty fun we all have a good time and get along good.

Something i found out is they aren't calling anymore north americans to russia because of visa problems so a lot of the people learning russian here are nervous they might get reassigned. One of the elders here at the MTC is 7 foot 2 its like having goliath here basket ball would be pretty easy when your that tall but it must be a pain having to duck everytime you walk through a door.

Thanks to everyone for the treats i have gotten i still dont know how i havent gained weight must be from the hour of pe a day and all the stairs i have to climb.

The senior missionaries who are here for a little while before going on their missions are so nice they are always interested in talking to us and finding out more about us. If any of you out there are thinking about going they really want you and treat you great so go for it. There is a senior couple that live in murray and they come down once a week for language training in Czech they are going out there in october so that is cool, they also have one morning a week where they call up and learn czech on the phone i cant imagine how hard that would be.

We are doing a lot more SYL now, that stands for Speak Your Language where you dont speak any english we did that for all day yesterday and it was interesting we can communicate pretty well with each other and it teaches you want you need to learn so you can say everything you want too. I finished the book Jesus The Christ this last week and it was really good to learn more about him and just strengthened my testimony that he is our Savior and Redeemer its a really good book if any of you are interested in reading it kind of long though.

Something about being here for 9 weeks is it seems like as soon as the 3 weeks elders get here they are gone, the elders who left today for canada and australia got in to the mtc after we had already been here for a month. The time keeps on going by faster it seems, I think my first full day in the MTC on that thursday was the longest day of my life but it has changed so much since then. We have a really tight knit district which is good not having any fights or disagreements between us. I cant really think of much else to tell you guys i will have plenty more to tell you when i get to the Czech Republic, i ran into one of my BYU professors Dr. Rowe he was my nutrition 200 teacher he is retired now and is a district president at the MTC.

I love you all very much make sure you eat an extra apple fritter in rememberance of me :) haha and if kamille splashes water on your sandcastle ian try not to punch her jk time goes by fast in no time at all ill be back out there with you dont worry about me im doing great the language is coming along well and im growing in the gospel very much, I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that it can provide us with so much joy and hope I am more and more greatful for it everyday, be good everyone and i love you


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